About Us

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Who we are

We are PacENeT a vibrant unit of dreamer & achiever truly believe in the transformation of power technology. It drives the discoveries we make and the technology we create. We PacENeT are proud of our 100% managed network, which boasts some features unparalleled by any other network Bangladesh. We PacENeT believe that our key strength lies in the fact that we provide customers with a wide variety of business-specific products and services, with comprehensive in-house sales support and technical knowledge to create bespoken solutions tailored to each individual customer's needs.

Why to choose us

Leading Market Position Last 14 years, PacENeT is a leading Internet Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are serving more than 1000 customer, both home and corporate. PacENeT has established a strong brand and reputation for high service quality Super-Fast Service We are a team of hard worker, super ISP professional maintaining our clients with full professional way. At any case we tried to serve our clients via phone, email and live service at clients’ station.

Network coverage

  • Dhaka

  • Narayanganj

  • Khulna

  • Barishal